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Steve Johnson, President, Publisher, has been involved in online communities since 1982, using a 300 baud modem to log onto bulletin board systems (BBS) and subscription-based services like CompuServe and GEnie. Originally, a hacker from his high school days, he began surfing the Internet in 1994 using the old text-based browser, Lynx. Steve created his first commercially successful website,, in 1997. In 2003, he became one of the top 1% of Internet marketers to leave his day job and rely wholly on his Internet income. In 2005, he incorporated Clear Digital Media. Since then, he's gone on to design and launch nearly 100 websites and blogs.

College: Santa Ana College, major Music
High School: Santa Ana Valley, 1984
Hobbies: Riding motorcycles, craft beer

Tina Walker, Director Sales & Marketing, worked previously in the print publishing industry, writing material for magazines and newspapers, until getting into advertising sales with Country Review Magazine. She made the leap into the online space handling sales and marketing for Menifee 24/7, an online hyperlocal publication. Since then, she's gone on to found Too Much Tina, her own sales & marketing consulting business, helping other dotcoms, non-profits, and future bloggers build audiences and generate income. Tina also published her own book of poetry, Finding Christ Inside, and has done volunteer motivational speaking for Riverside County Department of Social Services.

Claim to Fame: Once a beauty queen in her hometown
High School: Fontana High School, 1983
Hobbies: Poetry, Shakespeare, gourmet cheese

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